Cunning Stunt

Computer repair

Shop guy says – Librarian!

You wanna get high?

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You’re taking it so well.

Pig to the slaughter

Morning cut from throat to gut –

Bleeding out at noon

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Or you

Hey, my love, what’s up?
~I just don’t have enough time
to give to my love~

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Long form poetry-
It’s lazy to use more words
Than necessary

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Summer doesn’t mourn
Spring’s sweet innocence! Peaches
Ripen in the sun.

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There isn’t a map
The heart wants what the heart wants
Let love light your way

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I wanted to sit
and eat grapes with you – all night
By the wild river

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I swear I’ll never
Eat popcorn again, I say
Every time I do

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It could be that….

helpful suggestions
for improvement are just heard
as criticisms

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It seems like you hate
Me a bit less when you like
Yourself a bit more


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