I might have told you
Something about myself but
You just kept talking

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Grains of


Sand at the bottom
of my SCUBA bag remind
me of where I’ve been

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Men who don’t know how
To feel love say women don’t
Know how to love them

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lip love


His lips are heart shaped
Is it because his mother’s
Lips were heart shaped too?

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Soul Crushing Meeting

What does it mean when
Men pause….. their speech and tsk, sniff
And sigh, endlessly

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Is our history
more or less important than
who we are today?

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Turning a Corner


World full of broken –
Things – headlight burned out. Is there
Beauty everywhere?

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it takes two



stomped all around, roared
like a baby dinosaur
then I felt better

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a love story

love is

met and fell in love
sweet NRE didn’t last
better luck next time



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lay down your arms

heart on fence
his neighbor asked for
an inch – he gave her a foot.
love in the C Suite
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