it takes two



stomped all around, roared
like a baby dinosaur
then I felt better

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a love story

love is

met and fell in love
sweet NRE didn’t last
better luck next time



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lay down your arms

heart on fence
his neighbor asked for
an inch – he gave her a foot.
love in the C Suite
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all you need is


hey, don’t be fooled by
fancy red suits or soft smiles
a cunt is a cunt

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The tree reminds me –
Unexpected Love is found
Everywhere you look.

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Myrtle Beach

I just can’t do it
on demand. It’s got to come
in it’s own good time.

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Rawr Rawr Rawr

I can’t tell you how
you’re feeling, but I can see
how you are acting.

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Ways and Means

Ways and Means

In truth, little white
lies don’t bother me so much.
No one’s innocent.

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Not good

a Korean Garage

Saying what something
is – is better than saying
what something is not.

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Where is the love?

Where Is The Love

distressed? Try focusing on
Love and Compassion.

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