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Myrtle Beach

I just can’t do it on demand. It’s got to come in it’s own good time.

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vaca revision

Today I laughed when I realized I had brought more than one jacket    

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Lesson Remembered Let go of the rope. Keep your Body rope burn free.

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Land of milk and honey 

I might change my mind About salt water taffy If it was chocolate

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Do you?

What is the question You ask yourself at the end Of every day?

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Always covered by Our sky, brought near under a Tapered blue awning.

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Even monkeys with Tails learn important lessons About engagement

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Same sky

It’s not romance, just Shared water spouts. Anyway, I’m impervious.

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It could be

Long late evening walks Chocolate covered bananas? Let’s hold hands and hope.

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Sometimes you get what You deserve. Sometimes you get Lucky in Love.

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