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view of the suite

this coffee shop knows old Monday night sex haiku none I can put here.  

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How to survive a cut

The hunger must make you feel ferocious. Claws Out! Have some more bok choy.

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one more

oh you. for someone so smart, you sure did end up looking pretty dumb

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only 5 left

I can’t help but nudge – poke every now and again – the empty heaped corpse

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   One year and one day Three hundred and sixty six days Anniversary

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Keep on running. It’s Not even worth mentioning That you came too close

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Not at dawn or ever

You aren’t even close You won’t find absolution That’s all I can say

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When you said dum dum It was already over I just didn’t know.

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The wind changed and so Sails were adjusted to clear the Old Navy smell.

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Not quite

Must be this tall to Ride this ride, you say? Well, she Didn’t measure up.

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