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a love story

met and fell in love sweet NRE didn’t last better luck next time    

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Ways and Means

In truth, little white lies don’t bother me so much. No one’s innocent.

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Match set love

Set your strategies  aside. Why bother keeping score? Love always wins. 

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Lesson One

Reassurances -Poly Life Necessities- They are acts of love.

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People all my life have commanded me, hey girl Louder. Speak up, please.

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An open system The whole group is affected By the small changes

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   You can almost love Someone by seeing them through Someone else’s eyes

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wait, what?

avoid the filters even when they’re comforting get it from the source

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Text conversations ikr, omg, eeeeeeeeeeeee our group’s love letters

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Speaking of love

Neither good or bad Some offers can’t be refused Let’s go for a walk

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