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I might have told youSomething about myself butYou just kept talking

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Is our history more or less important than who we are today?

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it takes two

  stomped all around, roared like a baby dinosaur then I felt better

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all you need is

hey, don’t be fooled by fancy red suits or soft smiles a cunt is a cunt

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I can’t tell you how you’re feeling, but I can see how you are acting.

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Not good

Saying what something is – is better than saying what something is not.

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Where is the love?

Continuously distressed? Try focusing on Love and Compassion.

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catch a whipperwhopper

You know I’d rather Be with you than in meetings. I’ve missed you so.

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oh snap!

twelve degrees feels like motherfucking cold as shit I hate poetry

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Turn the volume up A little bit at a time No need to blast it!

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