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let it be

Love matters and is like matter. It never ends. Only changes form.  

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Sharp Love

Look what’s been foundĀ – a Permanently attached but Unwritten message

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present tense

love has made me hard then it makes me soft again all in a day’s work

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love on the side

What is wrong with us? We should all be so lucky There is enough love

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Four Letter Word

Drawn-out denial tear stained strain, slow after burn no release, no rub

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when I come back to bed

we sang a love song to the cat, to each other three part harmony

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in perfect form

on this friday night we are all suspended art love is in the air

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it’s you

soft and delicate when I love yous even sound like criticism

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sweet cream

afterwards, twilight snuggle up to share spoonfuls of intimacy

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More Love

Risky in theory But hot in reality What a dilemma!

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