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Grains of

Sand at the bottom of my SCUBA bag remind me of where I’ve been

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Men who don’t know how To feel love say women don’t Know how to love them

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He said he loved me In front of two witnesses Before our first kiss

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for everyone

I am who I am But just right now, in this place People change with time  

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Oh yes, I will change my mind at any time. Thanks for understanding.

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love on the side

What is wrong with us? We should all be so lucky There is enough love

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Two ways

There at the right time In the right place with the right tools and shiny eyes

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one more

oh you. for someone so smart, you sure did end up looking pretty dumb

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But not you

Still mirrors and lakes Reflect and only see the Image as other

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Do you?

What is the question You ask yourself at the end Of every day?

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