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Today, it feels like I’m a complete failure as a human being.

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work for it

We can name reasons to support our desires like beavers build damns.

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Procedural but still crave art? Have you heard the magic of haiku?

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love wins

The house always wins The game is rigged and you knew! All bets are off, girl.

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a bad plan

Marxist honesty? Each to their ability According to need.  

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Why is it so hard to believe that I deserve to be loved by you?

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It’s those times I thought I’d arrived, just to find I’d Have to start again.

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it’s you

soft and delicate when I love yous even sound like criticism

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No Lightness

Lost my sunglasses Or rather, left them behind the sun is blinding.

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Find something to do Keep yourself occupied and Stop feeling lonely

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