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professional flirts we speak with eyes, not with words better wait for drinks

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From drains to the gutter

Problems everywhere Solved by bringing in a guy With a bigger snake

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dishing up dirty lies

it just worries me not so subtle reminder is that project done?

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in this meeting we’ll report out what was discussed in last week’s meeting

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Sunlight in her hair She is going glowing grey Warm silver halo

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Bright Idea

Let’s put a sign up! We don’t hit each other here! I’m sure that will work!

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Island style

Sitting on the beach Much better than in meetings Haiku vacation

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Ream Meetings

Successful meetings Always have lots of paper Another dead tree

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The Hawthorne Effect Things will change simply because They are being watched.

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It’s an order

It’s absolutely Your right to keep all your files Alphabetical.

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